‘..een van mijn favoriete stukken op het album, Sicilia, dat als een tedere zomerbries lijkt te komen binnendrijven over traag kabbelende wateren. Het bezorgt je een huivering die beklijft. Prachtplaat! ..’ Ton Maas, MixedWorldMusic

‘…Truly a beautiful record. Non Spanish-speaking listeners are advised to read the lyrics, attached, as the verses are pure poetry and without their full comprehension much would be lost. This is a work definitely to be listened to in meditation and silence to savour all its subtle nuances…’Francesco Stump, BlogFoolk, It

****1/2 WRITTEN IN MUSIC Recensie •World •. 06 augustus 2023 – Geschreven door: Rik van Boeckel Uitgebracht door: Silvox Records

Uruguayan singer/composer Beatriz Aguiar, who lives in the Netherlands, she has already released two albums: Mi Cancion (2006) and Nomade (2012).xxxxzzxx xx
In Ultramar, this very good singer sings songs in Spanish that tell stories of emigrants who emigrated from Galicia, Portugal, Italy and Sicily to Latin America in the late 19th, early 20th century. In this way he explores the roots of Latin American music.
It is something extraordinary.

Sicilia was inspired by one of Giuseppe di Lampedusa’s short stories. Very nice are La Rosa, Desierta and Gallaecia with Italian accordionist Riccardo Tesi. La Rosa features murga, an Uruguayan rhythm. Gallaecia is the name the Romans gave to Galicia, part of the province of Hispania, sung very beautifully by Beatriz like all the others.


Angel Romero – July 9, 2023 – World Music Central. ‘Ultramar, the latest offering from captivating singer-songwriter Beatriz Aguiar, establishes a compelling connection between her fascination for contemporary Latin American music and her ancestral roots…’


Juan Carlos Tellechea – Mundo Clasico, Agosto 2023. ‘Montevideo, because of its history and that of its inhabitants, is a nostalgic city, evokes the vocalist and composer Beatriz Aguiar, with deep roots in the eclectic Uruguayan popular song, who has recorded this new CD Ultramar, with her own compositions and lyrics, accompanied by Leon Mennen (guitar) and Enrique Firpi (percussion). The trio led by Beatriz Aguiar dazzles everywhere on this CD. The interpretations by Leon Mennen and Enrique Firpi, on percussion (including bombo legüero, Portuguese square tambourine and Galician sea shells) could not be more appropriate; magnified by a recording of great depth and excellent balance between voice and instruments by sound engineer Caspar Falke…’.