**** Beatriz Aguiar has many different dimensions Aguiar e unforeseen forces.  Her voice and music so intriguing you keep breathlessly listening.

Het Parool,Saskia Tornqvist

          ****With Nomade Beatriz Aguiar

       shows that she is currently one of

         the best Latin American singers.

            Lust For Life, Bas Springer

****1/2 Nomade in its entirety

is a graceful album tinted with

many poetic jewels!

Jazzism, Rik van Boeckel,

She is a walking melting pot,

singer Beatriz Aguiar  born

in Uruguay, but has so many

styles from around the world

included in her passionate

songs that can be best described

as “Beatriz Aguiar-music”.

How beautiful and pure

sound is heard on her new

CD, which is not for nothing

called Nomade.

Interview: Frank van Herk

Photo: P.Lipton

De Volkskrant - Amsterdam

Nomade on KLM on board JUKE BOX selection!!

Invited to participate in Visa for Music - Rabat, Marroco

a wonderful new project, engaging musicians from different roots. ICBand.